Love Liberates

She was learning a lot about love and stumbled across this amazing video by Mya Angelou.  Maya starts with this lovely thought ~ “Love liberates, it doesn’t just hold….that’s ego. Love liberates.”

But even more profound is the very end of this short video and this:

 “Love liberates it doesn’t bind. Love says I love you… I love you if you’re in China, I love you if you’re across town, I love you if you are in Harlem….. I love you.  I would like to be near you, I’d like to have your arms around me, I’d love to hear your voice in my ear but that’s not possible right now so I love you.  GO.”

Listen if you want, it is very good



One Simple Thing To Love

She did one simple thing that she knew she would love.  That one small thing loved her back and she felt stronger for a moment.  One moment was all that mattered because she knew well that life was made one moment at a time.  Moments coming and going AND as long as she could find one when she really needed it the most she would always be “ok in the end”.


Raw Ache

Eventually all of her dreams would collide with all of her realities and she would feel great pain in corners where she did not wish to see.  She’d been told that hitting rock bottom was a gift, being ripped open was necessary to be renewed, reborn and redirected to the right path.

It’s just she couldn’t see that yet.  She rather felt raw and uncomfortable.  Full of an ache that she never thought possible.

She did the ony thing she knew she went into the hills because she was angry  at life AND only the sight of birds and bees, flowers and trees could balm her thoughts and quiet her mind.

More Than Face Value

Finding drafts from two years ago is fun…..maybe I will catch the blogging bug.

She had always felt more,

seen more and percieved more

than what was obvious

and clearly stated.

It made life complicated but she

could never quiet those senses

that were her gift.

She started to wonder why she had ever tried.