You Are Worth IT

This beauty really hit home when it came through my news feed on Facebook.  I have this conversation often with one of my very good friends.  I am intense and I am layered AND I scare the crap out of men.  But it would be such a tragedy if I were to be any other way.  Because this is where the golden nugget of all of us are.  In our intensity is all of our gifts. We can not lay low and thrive.  We can not stay quiet and bring light and love to others.  Can you imagine if everybody kept their gifts hidden?

So I have decided I will continue to be the girl who always shows her light and always shows her shadows TOO soon.  I will only change in that I will give back in a balanced way.  Never putting too much energy into situations that are not a match.  Not because others that don’t match are not worthy but because somebody out there will love me and need me exactly as I am.

You are worth it.

With love…




Who Will You Be?

Will you be small and shrink?  Will you be quiet and play safe?  Will you pour yourself into something that fills you or will you pour yourself into something that drains you?  Who will you be?  Who were you when you were young?  Were you filled with light, hope, love and faith?  Will you be that?  Will you bring her back and let her shine?  We all get to choose you know.  There is no excuse.  No great story that exempts you from being all that you are including all of your shiny gifts.

Who will you be my love?  I know its time for me to shine.

An End

It was symbolically beautiful to be on the last pages of a full journal days before the year ended.  The very journal that I started in 2016 ending exactly in 2017 the night before that symbolic end.  And the ending of that journal feels truly like an end to some of the parts of me that do not serve me very well.

I end dwelling on the past, and I end selling myself short and settling for less.  I end thinking small and being small. It’s going to be a big year and I hope yours is too.

I do not believe this moving forward comes  easy and I do not believe it comes at the turn of a calendar year but I feel I have earned my way to the other side and moving forward.

Watch me soar people….soar I will.

With love…..