She Said What?

I love what comes down on the page… usually surprises me though sometimes it is simply mundane.  This morning it was wise.  She said some wise stuff that is going to take me to a new level of peace….I think….I have that feeling.  It just came down and that’s the whole point of it right?  You point the pencil to the paper and all of the thoughts you have been collecting come together and you create a meaning.

It was about my divorce this time and/or my marriage depending on how you look at it.  A new clarity of what I need to say and how I need to think for more moving forward.  Stay tuned….I will be posting it up.

What wise thing did you say to yourself today?

~ Always With Love


Writing From Heart

She just put the pencil on the page and let her heart speak its words.  It was the only way she ever knew how to truly speak in truth… the BIG TRUTH ~ the hard, heart stuff, the stuff that nobody says but everybody wants to hear.

Yearning right?  Everybody yearning to feel connected and know they are not alone in the madness of this world.  Everybody walking around with their masks on wondering what is real underneath it all.  So much beautiful pretending.  Layers of beautiful pretending to where people are even pretending not to pretend.

And so I encourage you too.  Put the pencil to the page or brazen your lips.  Speak your truth to the world.  Breathe your life into all the others.  The world is a better place with your words in it.

~Always With Love

Reality & Writing

I thirst to write and always have but reality does intrude.  Reality of life and children.  Reality of work and chores.  And so every morning with rarely a fail I do write.  I write in my journal and I let it all go down on the paper unfiltered and most of the time illegible.  But its down…its free…its my thought captured and received on the page.  It turns sometimes into lists and schedules but I let it go down however it must go down.  It is a part of my reality although it feels sometimes like reality gets in the way of it.

It is life though…right?  If the interference were not happening there would not be much to write about.  I am musing for you?  No…probably musing for me as my promise to myself to write no matter what forever and ever till the end of all of my days …Amen.

My writing……is like hieroglyphics ~ I really love this definition courtesy of google.

  1. not clear enough to be read.
    “his handwriting is totally illegible”


~ Always With Love

The Song You Don’t Send

The song you don’t send prematurely because you are smart enough to know better this time.  You want to think this way but you know things unfold not always as you expect and you do not want to trip over your own imagination.  But you feel it….you are in fact pretty damn sure you will be running down this road FOR a WHILE anyways. And you also do not want to scare the beautiful man.

Do you wish you had that innocence?  That tripping over yourself ability to let go and be excited about the things you are excited about.  I do and I don’t……I do because its part of the joyful experience of love but I don’t because I am ready for something much bigger than those first butterflies.  Have a beautiful day loves.

~Always With Love



“If you are burning, BURN. If you can stand it the shame will burn away and leave you shining radiant and righteously shameless.” Elizabeth Cunningham

I turned to a page in my morning writing today and found this.  I think it speaks volumes of the process of becoming more of your OWN self unimpeded by the masks you wear and the lumps life has given you.

It also speaks to me of the process of letting go after an ending and moving on with a brave new face ready and willing to Love Again and take that chance.

I think you gotta be willing to burn a little in life to live fully and without shame.

~ Always With Love

Bad Girl – Happy Lady

I have not been writing on here.  I am processing a lot.  Happy lady changes but bad girl.

Happy lady because I am enjoying the future unfolding in ways I had hoped.  It is lovely to enjoy time with a man.  I won’t call it new love but it might be that…..I have not surrendered to it though.  I am not sure if that is maturity or fear but it is what it is …right?

Bad girl because I promised myself I would never lose myself in another and writing is me… I can not stop my writing BUT I have been busy in all ways.  And I have been writing in my journal.  And I have been processing what direction to take my blog.  Am I fibbing to myself?  I don’t think so.

Ummmm thats all though….profound one eh?

~Always With Love