Active and Engaged

I am active, engaged and loving it. Engaged with life, my self and my progress. It is pretty cool to be in this space. I have even shrugged my shoulders at overatures of men. I even walked away from a man who seemed very intriguing. Its not like me… I have always let men be a focus but its not out of bitterness. I am finding my way. Almost too much to tell but I will share when I can.

~Always With Love


Powder And Pushing Through

She could have packed in the day and gone home but she decided to keep going and carve her own path.  She stayed focused and the snow required her to never look back and to look ahead but not too far.  She had to use her legs and charge her path with a little MORE power.  She had a choice – she always had a choice.


Sometimes we get a POWDER day or we think we are going to get a powder day ~ light, fluffy, airy snow that allows us to move easily.

Other days the snow will be heavy, carved out and chopped up.  It will take focus, perseverance and effort to get down the slope.  It might take all of your energy to go up the chair one more time.

What will you choose on those heavy days? What will you choose on those heavy years and trying times?

No doubt a nap is also a choice…..just don’t nap for too long.