Writing From Heart

She just put the pencil on the page and let her heart speak its words.  It was the only way she ever knew how to truly speak in truth… the BIG TRUTH ~ the hard, heart stuff, the stuff that nobody says but everybody wants to hear.

Yearning right?  Everybody yearning to feel connected and know they are not alone in the madness of this world.  Everybody walking around with their masks on wondering what is real underneath it all.  So much beautiful pretending.  Layers of beautiful pretending to where people are even pretending not to pretend.

And so I encourage you too.  Put the pencil to the page or brazen your lips.  Speak your truth to the world.  Breathe your life into all the others.  The world is a better place with your words in it.

~Always With Love


Love Notes To Me

I am not entirely sure when I started writing love letters to me but it has been woven into my life for a very long time.  I am not sure who taught me the importance of being kind to myself, championing myself, cheering myself on but I suppose it was several people. And so this morning and last night when I decided to sit down and read “me” for inspiration I also came up with the idea to share these with you.  I hope they inspire you to write love letters to yourself.  I hope they inspire you to champion yourself.  If you are not sure where to start I have one thing small to offer that was offered to me once (perhaps the start of me consciously writing this way over twenty years ago).  Write down one thing you know to be true everyday.  Write a wisdom that reflects back to you that you are indeed wise.  Fall in love with yourself.

January 21, 2016 ~ Today

Love, it was so sad to leave your marriage but look how you have grown.  That was your heart longing and screaming. It was self-love that pulled you away.  You named it curiosity, temptation, mid-life crisis ~ you worried you were being selfish. You thought it was about other love and other men/possibilities but it was always about becoming more of you and you knew this too BUT you tried to name it.  You can’t blame you and analyze ~ or you can, and you do, and you DID but that is/was a waste of energy because wanting to go the way you wanted to go, in that crazy and insane pulling at your heart way that you always referred to as “your heart screaming at you to leave” ~ that was only about your self-love and your spirit and your life learning journey.  Look at who you are becoming?


I hope you can see through the forest at what you are becoming.  I hope that whatever journey you are on you KNOW that it is all so that you can shine on through and be the best gift that you are in this life.

~ Always With Love