Ripping Her Apart

Sometimes she felt like the world would rip her apart.

Her whole life she had tried to fit in while her whirling, swirling soul sang songs of madness and passion.

Yet she knew, she knew the madness was her gift.

She knew everybody felt the same only some a little less and some a little more.

She knew this THE MOST when her eyes met yours from across the room and you were relieved.

She could feel that.

She knew this when she heard your stories and she saw how you opened.

She could hear your heart sing just a little bit.

For a moment, you knew you were not alone.

I guess the world would rip her apart but only as much as it would rip you apart and in that was Humanity and Love.


Clinging To Words

She clung to words as if they could save her

and she believed that they could.

Words she had written and words by others

were oxygen AND she needed them to keep going.

She found they whispered to her while

she walked and rambled about.

If she was still for too long they had nothing to say.

If she scurried and hurried they hollered

but she couldn’t hear them.

It was in that perfect balance of move, pause, wander and wait

where they spoke with surety, confidence and wisdom.