Metamorphisis = Liquid

Did you know that in metamorphisis  the caterpillar does not just sproing wings out of its back while in the cocoon And in some cases it becomes liquid? 

The idea of becoming a liquid or goo and essentially disolving made me feel really powerful about the state I have been in over the past two and three months. Perhaps you can feel powerful in your liquid state too.

Remember that when you are falling apart and it feels bigger than any other time you’ve fallen apart that it is possible you are dissolving the old you so that you can become the most beautiful and free you. Maybe at long last you are dissolving the masks, the walls and feeling vulnerable. Maybe this time in your nakedness you will decide once and for all to be yourself and stand proud. Perhaps you are becoming the one that you were before you “forgot you were alive.” I hope so – it is so for me… I know it in my bones. 

Remember who you were and shine.

~Always With Love


Who Will You Be?

Will you be small and shrink?  Will you be quiet and play safe?  Will you pour yourself into something that fills you or will you pour yourself into something that drains you?  Who will you be?  Who were you when you were young?  Were you filled with light, hope, love and faith?  Will you be that?  Will you bring her back and let her shine?  We all get to choose you know.  There is no excuse.  No great story that exempts you from being all that you are including all of your shiny gifts.

Who will you be my love?  I know its time for me to shine.

And I Shall Love Me

Because who better to love me than the one who knows all of my light, darkness, beauty and beast? Once upon a time I beleived it selfish to love me….not entirely selfish but a little bit.But then in the moments of treasuring myself I saw how my heart opened to everybody.I saw how clearly a day of loving me….not waiting for another to love me….not giving all of my love away…..but loving me was an incredible gift to the world and beyond.



And I Shall Love Me – Forever and Ever Amen.

Coming Around

Something was shifting

and she could feel

herself coming around.

She was coming up

with fresh eyes and

a deeper love,

light and understanding.

Every ending is a new beginning.

Every rose has it’s thorns.

Always there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Something was shifting

and she could feel

herself coming around.

Soon she would have no choice but to SHINE.

Glory Shine 3