Ex Bashing

I truly feel that bashing your ex is the most unhealthy and pain inducing thing you can do on your healing journey.  It is healthy to talk real and call an ace an ace in a moment but generally pointing fingers and placing blame only hurts you more in the end.  It also stops your own healing.  It is only you in the end that you can change and it is only you that can grow and choose better.

Men are good.  Women are good.  We are all doing the best we can.  Move forward-looking up.

~Always With Love

Little Bits Of Love

What you bring to yourself you have to give to others. 

In a book by Anita Morjanni called “Dying To Be Me” she says until you learn to love yourself you are only play acting at love. She puts it more powerfully than this…. and I believe you can not know this truth untill you glimpse the power in your own self love. 

Self love is going to come and go but you should always be seeking it. Its NOT selfish.. you can not give from an empty cup. I promise.. it is true.

~ Always With Love

Metamorphisis = Liquid

Did you know that in metamorphisis  the caterpillar does not just sproing wings out of its back while in the cocoon And in some cases it becomes liquid? 

The idea of becoming a liquid or goo and essentially disolving made me feel really powerful about the state I have been in over the past two and three months. Perhaps you can feel powerful in your liquid state too.

Remember that when you are falling apart and it feels bigger than any other time you’ve fallen apart that it is possible you are dissolving the old you so that you can become the most beautiful and free you. Maybe at long last you are dissolving the masks, the walls and feeling vulnerable. Maybe this time in your nakedness you will decide once and for all to be yourself and stand proud. Perhaps you are becoming the one that you were before you “forgot you were alive.” I hope so – it is so for me… I know it in my bones. 

Remember who you were and shine.

~Always With Love

All Love, All Letting Go

I feel a deepness and another layer of healing. A new love came and went and I chose not to let it scar me nor harden me. It was more fate and lessons bringing me to the most powerful loving me that I never dreamed I could become.

 It is inside. You give it. You may not recieve in return but you will always win by loving.

~ Always With Love

It Is In You

More than ever I am coming to understand the expression “you are Love”. It has never been outside of you….that does not mean you remain isolated and only finding your strength inward. You can still lean on others and lift others up BUT the love…it is not external…it is in you and all around.

Let Go. Be Love.

Full and Hungry

I am feeling FULL in a good way.  In a way that is not dependant on circumstances and this is powerful.  Of course I am feeling all of the usual human stuff too but something feels good and something has shifted within me.  It is subtle and it’s not perfection…I have learned this finally…that the old patterns of thinking and being will emerge.  Maybe that is part of getting older ~ we can observe ourselves and those old patterns do not swallow us whole.

I feel hungry too.  Hungry for more life and more unfolding because while I can be content with what I have life is always fascinating with its twists and turns. I do enjoy living and breathing….growing and laughing.

How about a song or two?  These came up recently and they are really fun:



Life is Funny……enjoy it!

~ Always With Love

Is It Harder In The Winter?

Perhaps it is harder in the Winter to be single/alone/without a lover or tribe of friends?  Yes I am stating the obvious but REMEMBER ~ nature would have us tucked in, warm, and resting.  Nature would have us preparing to rejuvenated for the new Spring of life that is coming.

And Maybe even worse this cycle gets interrupted when there is big loss and mourning. Maybe we move into Winter mentally during the Spring because that is when the big loss happened.  Then when Winter comes it feels like an extra long winter. So we find ourselves alone and reflecting for far too long and we crave that new season but it is not time.  And we are resting and hibernating Alone….maybe not lonely but it can be a long Winter alone.  Life does feel complicated when your dreams and visions get swept out from under your feet.  Even if you are the one that swept your life out from under your own feet.  It gets complicated and exhausting.

But maybe…just maybe it is so much harder in the Winter?  And maybe this hard winter will be the hardest Winter of your life.  And perhaps this new Spring coming will be the beginning of a life you never would have dreamed.  Have HOPE my friends.  I do…

~ always with love