Maybe letting go being love meant just that at its core. Just be it. Let go and love. Maybe it was a journey to here where I did not need to write about it anymore. 

It was a while back that I wrote “in action”. That is where I have been. Big action, physical work action, adjusting work and career AND it is kind of cool. Kind of pushing me forward into a new space. Maybe a space of taking care of me.

And oddly… or not… the one that went away… he is back and we both are new. Its only talking but I feel different than I did however long ago that was. ..maybe 3 months. I feel more capable of love but also more capable of letting it do what its got to do.

Writing so tired… I must sleep… but in my busy action I do miss you all.

~Always With Love


Beauty Is The Splendor Of Truth

Get free being what it is you know you are. She said ‘ beauty is the splendor of truth. You will never cut loose until you’re suitable to you. And your living is the proof just let it do what it do. Now watch them follow suit and try to catch up to you.’ Brother Ali

Have you heard this song??!!!  Please listen to this song and be free and be you ~ and then you get to know what it is like to truly feel beautiful.  Do not bend and shine specifically to impress or attract another…..just be authentic.  The world is crying out for real people.


~ Always With Love


I was never able to actually leave the way this is written but I have carried this thinking in moments and I do suppose this attitude serves a purpose in certain context.

Leaving is never easy but sometimes its the very best thing you can do. This is for Paul… is written about a woman leaving a man but could easily go the other way.

Do what you gotta do.

~ Always With Love

Power and Questioning

Questioning first even though its second in the title. It is important because everybody who reads me should know that I question everything I think.  Especially lately as I allow growing.

Shall I question power and my theory tonight about power? Perhaps. But only later. For now I will play with believing my own theory.

The story I told myself tonight as I road my bike around this tourist town is that I feel powerful and that I am afraid of this power. The power that I am comfortable to walk alone. The power that I am to be whole and content just me, on my bike, in the present moment taking it all in. I am afraid of this power because I have never known how to stay in it when I am with a man. Tonight I questioned why. Am I afraid its too masculine? Am I afraid there will never be a man that can handle me in it? Am I afraid that if I show my strength nobody will take care of me? Do I really have a choice? Can I actually afford one more day of playing myself down? Is this even a proper paragraph and prose? What did I say about a theory and not questioning it? Hmmmm sounds more like questioning than a theory.

So I have a question to the men. How do you feel about powerful and potent women? And I have a question for the women. Are you a powerful and serious woman? How do you be in that yet still be soft?

I will be what I be… no turning back now but ever curious as I explore this aspect of me.

Tonight photos sans tourists.

~ Always With Love

Top Of Knox

I have been active in all ways. Pushing and pushing after years of escaping in between hurting. I am somewhere in the middle and feeling enormously wise, loved and radiant. Its coming from inside and that is something you can never lose.

Top of Knox is rather straight up. Its 40 minutes climbing and mostly steep. It can be done in 30 but I always seem to stop and snap pictures because I usually do it at sunset and its pretty gorgeous. So I am up in 40 and down in 20 but most importantly wiser and more energetic after. Everytime I am faced with me and everytime I am a little different AND often the same but I am able to see me.

 I see me – I see my patterns, my needs and wants, my strength and knowing… I can not escape me on these hard walks up and quiet easy walks down.

Be grateful for life and the lessons. Even the shitty ones that make no sense and feel like just another disappointment. It is but its not…. it always is a lesson even if that lesson is pointing you back to you and filling your own well that maybe you were hoping somebody else would finally contribute into. 

Its YOU baby… all you… all your love shining out of you and all that love reflecting back. TRUST. LIFE. KEEP CLIMBING.

~ Always With Love