Ex Bashing

I truly feel that bashing your ex is the most unhealthy and pain inducing thing you can do on your healing journey.  It is healthy to talk real and call an ace an ace in a moment but generally pointing fingers and placing blame only hurts you more in the end.  It also stops your own healing.  It is only you in the end that you can change and it is only you that can grow and choose better.

Men are good.  Women are good.  We are all doing the best we can.  Move forward-looking up.

~Always With Love


It Is In You

More than ever I am coming to understand the expression “you are Love”. It has never been outside of you….that does not mean you remain isolated and only finding your strength inward. You can still lean on others and lift others up BUT the love…it is not external…it is in you and all around.

Let Go. Be Love.

She Said What?

I love what comes down on the page…..it usually surprises me though sometimes it is simply mundane.  This morning it was wise.  She said some wise stuff that is going to take me to a new level of peace….I think….I have that feeling.  It just came down and that’s the whole point of it right?  You point the pencil to the paper and all of the thoughts you have been collecting come together and you create a meaning.

It was about my divorce this time and/or my marriage depending on how you look at it.  A new clarity of what I need to say and how I need to think for more moving forward.  Stay tuned….I will be posting it up.

What wise thing did you say to yourself today?

~ Always With Love

Writing From Heart

She just put the pencil on the page and let her heart speak its words.  It was the only way she ever knew how to truly speak in truth… the BIG TRUTH ~ the hard, heart stuff, the stuff that nobody says but everybody wants to hear.

Yearning right?  Everybody yearning to feel connected and know they are not alone in the madness of this world.  Everybody walking around with their masks on wondering what is real underneath it all.  So much beautiful pretending.  Layers of beautiful pretending to where people are even pretending not to pretend.

And so I encourage you too.  Put the pencil to the page or brazen your lips.  Speak your truth to the world.  Breathe your life into all the others.  The world is a better place with your words in it.

~Always With Love